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 Berita dari NALS (akan ditutup)

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PostSubyek: Berita dari NALS (akan ditutup)   Sat Feb 02, 2013 6:43 pm

Maaf sebelumnya kalau gk di translate ke Bahasa Indonesia :v

Dear fans of Lost Saga,

We've thoroughly enjoyed servicing Lost Saga over the past 3 years. Your gaming has helped us make this game awesome. Unfortunately, for reasons beyond our control, OGPlanet's service of Lost Saga (NA and EU) will be discontinued, as of February 15th at 12:00PM PST, 2013.

We ourselves only found out about the closure date very recently from the license-holder of Lost Saga. Our proposal was to ramp down the service slowly over the course of the year so that we could give users plenty of notice; however, our proposal was declined and we are no longer able to provide Lost Saga after February 15, 2013. Our proposal to transfer our user account data was also unsuccessful, despite our efforts.

We are unclear of what the future of Lost Saga may be, so please enjoy what you can before February 15! Lost Saga as you know it will continue to run until that date.
While this situation is not by our choice, we will do what we can to help ease the process with current fans of Lost Saga.

The Future of Lost Saga

We only have control of Lost Saga until February 15th, 2013. We have been given little information as to what will happen to the servicing of Lost Saga afterward. Whether or not the game will continue and be a similar experience to OGPlanet's is unknown to us. We can only hope that it will be but have no control over it.

Your Lost Saga Account

We're a company full of gamers, so we understand the time, effort, and resources you put into your Lost Saga account. We have discussed transferring user account data with the license-holder of Lost Saga numerous times without success. Your current Lost Saga account will not be active if there were to be a future service, so if there is a future service we urge you to contact the provider of it to voice your concerns. These are definitely not the circumstances we have sought out, we will do what we can to appease the situation with the following:

Astros Refund Program

Since players who made purchases recently won't be able to fully enjoy their items, we are currently finalizing details on offering Astro refunds for recent purchases. We expect to have details to share early next week.

Lost Saga Cash Shop Closure February 1, 2013

To ensure players won't continue to make purchases without realizing the end date, we will be closing the Cash Shop on February 1 at 12:00PM PST, 2013, in advance of the service end date.

OGPlanet Lost Saga Player Package

OGP Game Items
We invite all Lost Saga fans to try our other games, from other brawlers like Rumble Fighter and Zone 4, to MMORPGs like La Tale and Red Stone, or SD Gundam Capsule Fighter Online, a shooter based on the world-famous Gundam franchise. Don't forget our upcoming FPS from the creator of Counter-Strike, Tactical Intervention. As incentive, we will be giving away items for each live game for Lost Saga fans to try - we expect to have details to share early next week.

OGP Achievements
To ensure we keep record of all your badges and achievements you received while playing Lost Saga (, you will receive a special Lost Saga badge worth the exact amount of points that you racked up while playing Lost Saga. Only Lost Saga players will have received this badge, and the amount of points depends on how much you have played the game.

Special Key Codes
On our next game release, we will ensure Lost Saga fans will get beta access. If there are any VIP item key giveaways, we will ensure Lost Saga fans will receive keys to that as well.

Thank You and Keep Informed!

We'll continue to do what we can lighten the process as it is a disappointing situation for everyone. If you haven't already we hope you do check out some of our other games. If you are unhappy with the decision made to shut-down our service of Lost Saga so abruptly, so are we; we urge you to share your feelings with the future provider. We will post the latest updates on the Lost Saga homepage so please stay tuned for details. We'd like to thank each and every fan of Lost Saga for playing over the years. You helped us make Lost Saga great.
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PostSubyek: Re: Berita dari NALS (akan ditutup)   Tue Feb 05, 2013 8:40 am

nooooooo...... bounce bounce
say goodbye to NALS.... Neutral Neutral pale pale
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Berita dari NALS (akan ditutup)
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